Bexley North Football Club

Since 1960, that's over 55 years of football in the St George area.

Bexley North Football Club - Since 1960, that's over 55 years of football in the St George area.

About us

Welcome to Bexley North FC. We are one of the largest football clubs in the St George Football Association with over 50 years of development and competitive football. We offer club football for players of all ability and encourage local children to participate. We boast over 600 players in ages from Under 6s through to Under 18s in mixed, boys and girls teams.

Our home ground Kingsgrove Ave Reserve, Kingsgrove Ave, Bexley North is a picturesque football ground. Our expansion over the years has seen us take on training facilities at Kingsgrove High School and Bexley Oval.

Join us for a fun football beginning and a great football future.


1960 – 1968 Les Sampson

1969 – 1972 Keith Franks

1973 – 1974  Denis Rothwell

1975 – 1987 Barry Steele

1988 – 1991 Sean Mahoney/Brian Findlay

1992 – 1994 Graeme Ashley

1995 – 2001  John Tripodi

2002 – 2011 Perry Taylor

2012 – 2015 Alex Papadimas

2016 – Current Carlo Marsano


Bexley North’s Home Ground is at Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve, Kingsgrove Avenue, Kingsgrove NSW. We also have access to Bexley Oval Outer and Kingsgrove High School Oval for training. Lights have been erected at Kingsgrove High.


You must call the wet weather numbers prior to using the ground for training or games. Do not train on other clubs grounds.

Wet Weather Numbers

Hurstville Council – 9330 6272 Kogarah Council – 9330 9595 Rockdale Council – 9562 1637

Important Note

Parents MUST NOT enter the field of play under any circumstances (BNFC will be fined $500.00 for every infringement to this rule by the SGSFA). Coaches/Managers may enter the field of play only after being signalled to do so by the Referee.

Referees Needed

The Referees Association has requested that we call for referees. If anyone is interested please refer to the referees website for courses and further information.

Football Season

The football season will commences around March. The season comes to a conclusion during the month of August or early September depending on whether teams reach and compete in the final series.

Training Sessions

Once determined days and times must be strictly adhered to as there is limited amount of space at our ground. We need to respect other teams time and space.

Codes of Conduct

Football NSW and SGSFA are stressing the need for appropriate behaviour of Players, Coaches and Parents. Please be conscious of this as any adverse behaviour will not be tolerated. Please refer to attachment “Codes of Behaviour”, which outlines the expectations of all when representing our club.