Bexley North Football Club

Since 1960, that's over 55 years of football in the St George area.

Bexley North Football Club - Since 1960, that's over 55 years of football in the St George area.


The Bexley North FC will be accepting online registrations ONLY for all players. In order to register online, you will need to:

  1. Log in to MFC using your FFA number and password. Go to
  2. Update your details (if changed)
  3. Add a registration (with Bexley North FC in your age group)
  4. Pay online with credit card
  5. Sign Up to TEAM APP on your PC or Smart Phone to receive communications from the BNFC by joining the “EMAIL group”.
  6. Check the BNFC home page for team allocation dates and time.

To log in to the myFootballClub website to confirm your details, register to play, and pay your registration fees, you will need your FFA number and your password.

Registration Policy

New members only will be supplied with shorts and socks.

All members will receive a training ball.

Registration & payment does not guarantee a spot on a team for the following reasons:

  • Un-registrable squad due to insufficient number of players.
  • No coach or manager for a squad.
  • SGFA boundary rule, i.e. 51% of the squad must live in the St George district.
  • Any other unforeseen SGFA stipulations.

Registration Instructions

Never Played Before

If you have never played before you should go to Create an FFA Account on the MyFootballClub website.

After agreeing to FFA conditions the single account creation page comes up.

Enter your details. Be sure you enter your name and date of birth correctly.

Click on Create Account.

You will receive an email containing your FFA number and password, which you will need to login to the system.

Not Sure About Your FFA Number?

If you have played in the last 5 years you will likely have an FFA number.

To find your FFA number, go to Find My FFA Number.

Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth and click enter.

If your FFA number is not found then try using just your initials with date of birth.

Once you locate your FFA number, note it and click on your name – this will take you to the login screen.

Need a Password?

If you have an FFA number and need to get your password go to myFootballClub Login and click on Need a Password. Follow the instructions from Get a Password below.

I have my FFA number and password!

If you have an FFA number and password go to myFootballclub. Login and log in. Follow the instructions from Registering Online below.

Registering Online

Once you have logged in to myFootballClub you will be taken to the player home page.

This page will contain information regarding previous registrations and information concerning your current registration.

Click Register to commence registration.

Check and update contact details (address, mobile, email etc…).

PHOTOS: ALL PLAYERS must ensure they upload a player photo during the registration process. Please ensure the photo resembles a passport photo (ie: head and shoulders only).

Once completed, please click the Next button.

Step 1: Select Your Club. In the field marked “Begin Typing Club Name…” enter Bexley North. As you type a list will appear with the names of clubs beginning with the characters you entered.

Select Bexley North FC from the list.

Step 2: “Select Registration” field – select Player.

Step 3: “Select Registration Package” field – Select the appropriate package according to the players age.

NOTE: Please select package according to age the player will turn during 2018. 

If you are unsure which level to select, contact the club to find out which package you should select. You should select the package corresponding to age group for the age the player will turn in 2018.

Step 4: Once you have selected the correct package, click the Add Package button. . The package will be added to the roles grid beneath.

Click the Next button.

Acknowledge your acceptance of the terms and conditions of Bexley North FC.

Click the Next button.

Online Payment 

A summary screen will appear displaying the registration options you have selected.

Online PAYMENT is the only option to complete your registration and receive a confirmation email from Football Federation Australia.

You will be able to log back into myFootballClub at any time to pay any outstanding invoices.

NOTE: Players will not be Graded if Registration and payment is not completed. 

Registration Completed!

Take note of the club’s contact details, and any additional information provided by the club and click the Close button to complete your registration.

Your registration with your club is Pending until the Club Registrar accepts your registration in the system.

Once the club has accepted your registration your status will become Active.

You can monitor your registration status by logging into MyFootballClub and viewing your Registration Status on the Registration Details page. You will also receive a confirmation email.

If you are a new Player at BNFC, or have played for another club in the previous season/s, please ensure that you bring some form of ID (birth certificate, drivers licence or passport as proof of age) with you as well and your “Clearance Letter” if applicable.

Registration Fees for 2018 (inclusive of the Referee fees):

Ages 6 – 7 $190  Includes Referee’s fees
Ages 8 – 9 $205  Includes Referee’s fees
Ages 10 – 11 $215  Includes Referee’s fees
Ages 12 – 14 $230  Includes Referee’s fees
Ages 15 – 16 $240  Includes Referee’s fees
Ages 17 $260  Includes Referee’s fees
 Ages 18 $290  Includes Referee’s fees
All Ages $395  Includes Referee’s fees
All Ages Student $330 NOTE: Proof (Student ID) must be provided. Includes Ref’s fees

Registration Refund Policy

The official date used to determine a refund is either the date the withdrawal form is filed with the club registrar or the date of an email requesting a refund

The amount that a playing member can be refunded their registration fee in based on the date of withdrawal as per the table below:

Registration Refund Amount Request Date of Refund
Full Refund Club member who cannot be placed in a team
Full Refund Withdrawal before team allocation
Player Fee less $50 Registration fee Withdrawal after team allocation and before season commences (1st week of April)
No Refund Withdrawal after the season has commenced(1st week of April)